Friday 1 July 2011

Flappy house holiday again

I've just had a lovely holiday with the she boss in our flappy house. This was the refugee camp where we stayed. She was better organised than it looks and she looked after us very well.
We saw lots of baby animals. I think they must all arrive overdue up there cos it's so cold as some of them were very new born and cute while some of them were big enough to make a good Sunday dinner or 2. The big woolly mummy sheep all had different types of faces and some looked very scruffy. I wouldn't like a new coat made out of their wool. Some of them were very bold and didn't run away when we walked by them. They even looked like they might chase me instead of me them.

It's a shame these sort of big animals aren't so cute when they grow up.
These ones were very very sweet and even came out of the water to say hello to me. It was very exciting and if the she boss hadn't got me tight, I might have got carried away with the excitement! She gave them (and me) some bread but the big fish jumped up and ate most of it.
This was the view from our flappy house which would have been  very nice if the she boss didn't put her finger in the way. I was happy to look at it for a long time
We had some very nice skies to look at as well but there were a lot of grey ones too that dropped rain on us. We didn't mind when we were cosy in our flappy house. Not that it flapped much in all the wind cos we were behind a big hedge watching the pretty birds. It's a good job we were cosy cos it was very cold outside and the she boss had to spread her blanket over me one night cos I was shivering.

The friend Peter came to see me one day and we took him to see a big lake, the nice countryside and a coffee shop that didn't mind me going inside too and even sold some biscuits especially for me. This was one of my gingerbread men. The she boss tried one but her teeth aren't as strong as mine.

Next time maybe we'll take the he boss as well to see all the nice views and good walks up the rivers.

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