Sunday 6 November 2011

Different home

I did have a holiday and it was fab. Not too much but just enough walking. I am getting older you know. We got a bit wet sometimes but it was all OK cos we had a nice warm fire in our house which I remember going to before. We had a nice field to walk around when we wanted to leave time to do other stuff like sitting, watching chickens and keeping guard.
There was one big downside. The cat from next door seemed to think he owned our house as well and kept coming and making himself very much at home. He even went on MY blanket, MY she boss's shoulders and in MY water bowl.
One thing I'm a bit confused about now I'm home. We left thefriendPeter to look after our house at home while we were gone but now we're back and he's disappeared along with everything he brought to live here. It's a bit strange without him. I hope he's found somewhere else nice to live.

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