Sunday 13 November 2011


Flipping things. I hate them. They spoil everything for me. I have to hide under the table all the time. Every time I think they'll have finished, they start up again. We go for what should be a nice walk and it gets ruined. I go out and then can't wait to get back under my table again.
We've just been over my field again now and I knew, I just knew that there was going to be a whoosh or a flash or a big bang. Once we were out in the open, I told the she boss we needed to get back but she just kept right on going. I couldn't believe it. Doesn't she know what danger she's putting us in. Who knows where one of those flashes or bangs will be next. I waited and waited but there was no way she was coming back to look after me so I thought I better go and look after her instead. Just in case. There's safety in numbers.
It was all OK. This time. But I was still glad to get back under my table. Cos you just never know.

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