Saturday 26 November 2011

Good walk?

Me and the she boss have just been for what should have been a lovely walk over my favourite hills. You can feel a 'but' there can't you?
BUT 1. It was REALLY windy which I'm not too keen on, 2. I kept hearing bangs which scared me, 3. I'd hoped we'd meet some friends there so I went right to the top where I took them before but there was no one there, and 4. I got REALLY cold and shivery while the she boss sat with her hot drink all wrapped up in her layers of clothes because it was so windy and because she didn't listen to me when I said I might need my coat.
You can see how cold, windy and lonely it was in the picture. The she boss thought it felt like the sort of wind that brings snow to the mountains we could see in the distance and I wouldn't be surprised myself.
Even the sheep had big woolly coats on. We passed them in a truck on our way home and I thought they might turn up here knowing how nice and warm the house is but there's no sign of them yet.

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