Tuesday 17 April 2007

Introduction to me

Well, this is it. My owner wasn't inspired to do any blogging - couldn't think of anything interesting so I thought I'd have a go instead.
I'm 7 human years old but 49 really so middle aged but am always being told to 'Grow up' or 'Grow old' as I'm pretty fit n lively for my age. Mind you, I'm not as trim as I once was. I do my best but don't get taken for walks as long as I'd like. And they won't let me chase anything except squirrels in the garden. I haven't managed to catch one yet so where's the fun in that? Mind you, I did catch a rat once and they seemed pleased.
Life's not bad. There's usually some company around for me although some of it's more entertaining than others. I get the occasional phone call if they think I might be lonely and it breaks the day up if it's a long one.
I've just had a pretty good holiday in Whitby. It was nice to see the beach again even if I'm not so bothered about the sea. You never know when it's going to creep and catch you unawares. Beach is good fun though and there's usually quite a few friends to make with interesting bums to sniff.
had a brill walk (photos on blog) although I had to wait around for ages while the bosses were looking at some old cars and filming. Even then, we weren't finished - always have to hang around for a cup of tea somewhere. There were some other dogs there to watch though. Disgusting behaviour. I didn't get involved.
The nice thing about these holidays is that the bosses have to share my bedroom with me. They were OK. Didn't disturb me too much although they do snore a bit. It's funny how they'll only lower themselves to sleep in my room when we're away and take themselves off up all those stairs at home. What a bother. Would make much more sense to just stay down by me. My bed's really comfy and I'd make some room.

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