Saturday 21 April 2007


I love Saturday's. Both bosses are around doing all sorts of stuff that makes good fun for me. All except that noisy thing they push round the house that scares me. The she boss does alot of crawling round the floor with a cloth moving things around which is interesting and means her face is by mine for sniffing and licking. We have a good laugh.
Did you see that moon last night? There's a picture on here of it and a picture of me on the field having a walk in the dark. There's a couple of little squeaky dogs that live over the other side of the field that pick a fight with me if they're around when I'm over that side. Last night they were in their garden shut behind their gate so I went and stood by it for ages. It was a right laugh. I think they were fighting each other as they couldn't get to me for a fight!
Do you like the garden pictures of me? That thing in the background has been put there by the bosses so I can have a drink whenever I'm out there I think. Very kind. The birds are pretty good at dropping nuts and seeds for me out of their feeders too. In fact, it's always worth hanging round anyone/thing that's eating as they're bound to drop something sooner or later. Tricks of the trade. They call me a scrounger but it just all makes sense to me.

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