Sunday 29 April 2007

The best weekends

Wow What a brill weekend. Yesterday me and the she boss had a looonnng walk over the Malvern Hills. I/we love it there even if I don't get to go off the lead loads. They've put lots of big animals up there and I think the she boss is a bit scared of them and wants to keep me close so I can protect her if anything happens. It did once and it was bad but I was there to look after her.
We went with some other friends and they were all ones who liked me and fed me bits of their lunch so it was extra good. There's some pictures somewhere.

I told you the friend Peter would come and see me sometime and would you believe it, there he was today round at ours so today was nice too. The weekend was extra nice because Beth came around too for some of it although I couldn't work out if she was staying around or not - one minute she was here for the night, then she was gone, then back again. These people don't know if they're coming or going. No wonder I make alot of noise when they go, I never know when I'll see them again

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