Tuesday 24 April 2007

Looking after the house

Was on my own alot today but that was OK. It's nice to have the house to myself for a day every now and then.I sleep a bit, watch out for squirrels trespassing, sleep a bit more, watch the pigeons eating the new plants growing, sleep a bit more, attack the door when the postman comes (will he ever learn?), sleep a bit more. play with a toy, sleep, chew my bone, sleep. Aaah so peaceful. It's best when there's space left to get on a nice soft chair but there's usually cushions left in the way. Do you think they do it on purpose to spoil it for me?
Something strange happened today that's happened before sometimes. The phone rings and when no one picks it up, you hear someone talking. Today I heard the she boss and she was talking to me! She wasn't in the house cos she went out in the car (without me :( ) so how does she do it? It was nice of her to talk to me. I'm glad she didn't build my hopes up and tell me she was giving me a walk like the he boss does when he talks like that through the phone to me. Talk about teasing and disappointment. When he sez 'food' that's even worse.

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