Saturday 19 May 2007


Something's going on. It's not Saturday and the she boss is cleaning. I found an interesting thing on the floor that matched the noisy cleaner thing and it looked good for chewing so I did. I don't think I was supposed to because it didn't turn into a fun game when the she boss saw me.
I'm sure I've heard her saying something about going away. She better not because the others are bound to forget to feed me. I'm keeping a close eye and I haven't left her side yet today.
A man's brought a big box for us today. When the she boss opened it, there were LOADS of soft white things in there so I nicked one of those to see what it tasted like. It wasn't very nice really but seeing as the she boss was trying to get it back, I thought it must be worth eating. 1 down, 632 to go!

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