Saturday 5 May 2007

Little people

We had a different sort of visitor yesterday - a little person. I'm not too sure about them. I'm not always sure about the normal sized people for that matter but the little ones do unpredictable things and make unexpected noises. The she boss had this one on her lap and carried it about a bit so I thought I better keep close by in case it did anything dangerous to her. It was quite well behaved though and after a while, they sent me outside. I didn't mind cos I had a tasty chew for a treat.
We've had another brill walk today. There weren't many people around and not many roads so I was off the lead for most of it having a good nose around. I had an unexpected bath when I went for a drink and it was deeper than I thought. It will save me having one at home for a while although at least they're warm. These are some animals we met:

We met a scruffy little dog who kept coming after me for a sniff but cleared off when I told him where to go. He didn't understand the he and she boss but he certainly understood me!

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