Thursday 31 May 2007

More new friends

Aaaah I'm so glad that the he and she boss chose to adopt me and have me live with them. I think they're glad as well. It's such a nice place to be and they have such interesting people come round. We had two more new ones today. I don't know where they keep finding them. They don't seem to be random anybodies as they usually know them themselves - it's just me that doesn't. These 2 seemed to have come in the middle of a journey to eat our food and use our settees but none of us minded and Sammy came to say hello to them as well. Even he seemed to know them. I think their names were Cameron and Jenny or something. He was BIG! Not like my family. I think they liked me but they didn't send any food my way or even leave any tasty scraps.
The he and she boss went out somewhere tonight and came back smelling of another dog. It was a he dog by the tone of it and I'm glad they didn't take me. These boys can be such a nuisance - getting ideas above their station, and they don't take the hint from me.

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