Saturday, 23 June 2007


The squirrels that live at the back of the garden have been having a high old time while I've been away. I've been out there today and they've really been taking liberties. It seems that they've forgotten in the 3 days I've been away that it's MY garden and they're not allowed. I don't mind sharing with birds as long as they're not too big, but other furry things are another matter. So, I've been out there patrolling ALL day today, making sure they know who's boss. The friend Peter called and someone else I haven't met before but I only gave them a passing 'Hello' as I had more important things to do. I never quite manage to catch those squirlies but when I do, I'll give them what for. Just like that rat I caught in the garden once. He won't be trotting round my patch again. Maybe I should have got the bosses to leave it out as a warning to other furries but even I was disgusted. Yuk!

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