Saturday 23 June 2007


Well, that took me by surprise! The she boss packed everything up a couple of days ago and took me away in the tent. Even more surprising, Aunty Joy came with us. I didn't see that coming.
We had a great time and went back to our old haunt of Kington so did lots of walking along Offa's Dyke or something like that. I wasn't too keen on the cows although they seemed very interested in me. I've got some bad memories of cows. I have a job to keep up with Aunty Joy, she don't half give it some welly. Keeps me in line too! Two of them telling me what to do!

I thought I'd got my own back when I found some REALLY lovely smelly stuff to roll in but the joke was on me as the she boss dropped me in the river to wash if off. It wasn't deep thankfully but the smell was better than that so she used all sorts of different smells on me when we got back to the tent. I think it's gone now. The he boss certainly didn't seem to notice anything when we got home. It was nice to see him again and be back in my own home although I do like camping.

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