Wednesday 20 June 2007


Something's definitely going on. The she boss disappeared for a night 2 nights ago without any warning and without telling me. Boy, was I glad to see her again when she came back. Now tonight, she's been packing up the car with the stuff for what looks like one of those holidays she takes me on - you know, the ones where we sleep under this piece of flappy cloth in a field. It's a funny time of day to be thinking of going off anywhere though. I hope she takes me if that is what she does. I love those holidays - just me and her chilling and doing long walks. There's usually plenty to watch and a river to paddle in while the she boss potters about and reads her books. Last time, we had one of those noisy things with the flashes and bangs in the sky though which was a bit scary as there was no table to hide under. It's one thing that I don't feel like protecting anyone from. I'm the one who needs looking after then

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