Sunday 17 June 2007

Life and recycling

This she and he boss of mine are very busy - always coming and going. Still, it keeps life interesting and it's been a really nice weekend with lots of visitors. The friend Peter has been to see me a few times this week and this weekend there's been Beth with a fancy new car and even Ed! Haven't seen him in a while. AND they all had chicken today so I've had a lovely dinner tonight with the promise of more to come. I do like having friends. Hope you like the pic. It's me waiting very patiently and politely for food otherwise I know they won't give me any!

Since that picture was taken, we've had these boxes arrive which haven't left me alot of space to sit for my food. It's something to do with 'recycling'. Alot of fuss about nothing if you ask me (not that anyone does - they're too busy telling me what to do or telling me all their troubles) Anyway, back to recycling. What everyone needs is a dog. I eat anything although mostly it has to be organic, but I'll still give it a go. My favourite (apart from food in my bowl) is paper. So there you go. If everyone had a dog to eat most of it for them, especially the food scraps, they wouldn't need all these boxes.
I did hear the bosses might get charged for putting out too much rubbish. Even more reason to have a dog to eat it all.

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