Thursday 1 November 2007

Life at home since holidays

It all seems to have been happening since we came back. We had one of those birthday things the day after when everyone brought parcels and envelopes for the he boss. I don't think he's any older than when I came here to live though because he still gives me a good run for my money and he doesn't look any different. I'm always very interested in birthdays because plenty of paper comes my way. Also, people come and eat tasty things like cake and, if I'm lucky, they drop bits on the floor.
We had plenty of visitors and Beth came to live here for a few days again. That's nice because she gives me lots of attention and talks to me. Candice came as well. I haven't seen her for ages and she stayed very late - way past my bedtime. Bobby's boss came which is always exciting. He knows all the right things to say to me and is just as pleased to see me as me, him.
Tonight's been horrible though. There were lots of little people kept knocking on the door. No one opened it to them but I did hear something about trick or treat. I think I managed to scare them, throwing myself at the door when they knocked more than they were likely to scare anyone in this house. The she boss took me shopping. I think it was to give me some peace and quiet but there's those nasty noisy flashy things have started up everywhere so that isn't nice. And she didn't buy any grapes!! I was obviously taken under false pretences

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