Saturday 3 November 2007

Clever clogs

They nearly blew my cover today. Sammy spotted that I am one of his top friends and it wasn't him who changed it. I've been watching the she boss everytime she does anything on the internet and I'm getting the idea of a lot of it. I'm pretty good at blogging as you can see. I can even add in photos with a bit of help and I sussed out the other day how to arrange my favourite friends. The tricky bit was watching Sammy closely enough to find his password but I did it without him suspecting a thing.
I know how to cook as well! They don't know it yet. I've been watching the she boss get dinner for weeks now and I know how to do shepherd's pie (anything to use up those silly sheep), tuna & pasta (not so keen on that one) and pizza with home made wedges (mmmm). So now, if they leave me too long, I might have a go. The non-opposable thumbs might be a problem though

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