Sunday 4 November 2007

More Malvern

We went back to Malvern today. Haven't been there in ages. We had a fab time and, as there were no silly white sheep or anything else around much, I had a real good run. I saw my old friends, Mark & Ade again. It was good to see them and a new lady called Ginnie came in our car. I had to sit in the back. I didn't really mind that much and she was nice to me. Ade was a different shape to when I saw her last time and we stopped lots of times for her to have a rest. I don't know what that's about.
Lots of those flashy noisy things have started since we got back so I'm glad I'm at home now because I can hide but I wish I'd had my dinner first. I might be too scared to eat it. I'm quite tired though so I'll probably sleep a lot this evening

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