Thursday 27 March 2008

Another day out

Well, I said I wondered where I’d go today. I went with the she boss to the Friend Peter’s. We did cleaning there and I helped but it wasn’t Saturday. I licked up a lot of the sticky patches of the kitchen floor and ate lots of train tickets that were lying around and they were very grateful. If I hadn’t been there to help, it would have taken them a lot longer. We went for a walk in the sunshine in the park then.
The he boss wasn’t here last night. I don’t know where he’d gone but I always go up to the bedroom when the she boss goes up if he’s away 1) just to make sure he isn’t hiding up there really and 2) to make sure she’s safe up there on her own. I go back down to my bed though as you can’t beat your own bed.
I think Mal’s finished putting stuff on the walls and doors today so may not be back :( I’ll miss him. The walls are all nice and pale now. I can’t wait for a walk on a rainy day to come back and shake off all the mud in the hall :)

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