Monday 10 March 2008


I've been taken for a lovely walk today. Just the she boss and me. We went back to those Malvern Hills where I haven't been for a while. She didn't warn me about the weather though. I got soaked. It's alright for her in those swishy clothes she puts on to keep all dry and snuggly. I did make a run for the car a couple of times (not that I knew where I was going) but got stopped and made to carry on. It was great in between the showers though. We walked a long way and I didn't have to go on the lead once as we didn't see anyone else or any white woolly things to get in the way. Lots of rabbits though :D
We went over that hill where the people used to camp back in the day until the Roming people came and threw them off. You'd be able to keep your eye on everything up there but it's a long way down to the toilet. Not that bothers me of course.
Talking of which, someone asked a very personal question the other day. Aunty Olly asked before now a complete stranger asked why do I hold one back leg up when I squat for a pee! How personal can you get. I have 2 answers: Why not? and Because I can. I bet you can't

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