Tuesday 15 April 2008

Home alone

I had a day to myself today which was quite nice as it gave me time to reflect on life. I'm 56 now but don't feel a day over 8. I still enjoy a bit of fun and winding people up. I still play with my toys and can keep up with the best of them on the playing field. Life's not bad at all.
The she boss kindly phoned me today. She asked me to make sure she had put the oven on as she had done the timer ready for dinner but thought she had forgotten the heat setting. It was OK, she hadn't but I was ready to let the he boss know when he came home if she had. It was nice of her to phone me for a chat. She said I'd have a good walk when she came home but it was pouring down so I didn't want to go much further than the garden.
Someone saw me and mistook me for a Belgian Shepherd dog:
I don't know whether to be flattered or insulted. I mean, people pay alot of money for those ones. I don't understand why. After all, I'm a unique MillieDog. How could anyone mistake me for anything else?