Saturday 26 April 2008

Friends and walks

Yesterday was great. The she boss took me to Malvern hills and took a couple of friends for her as well as one for me! His name was Leo. He's still a young one and I had to put him in his place a fair bit especially when he got a bit close to my grapes at lunch time. It was a good day though

Today I had a nice surprise. Little person Sara came round and I stayed well out of the way even when she was in the garden. I could hear her saying 'Hello MillieDog' though so I know she likes me. When I went out in the garden later, one of those nice flappy houses was out there that me and the she boss go on holiday in. It was a new bigger one that she must have bought me and wanted to surprise me. I got quite excited as I thought we might have been going away in it now but it doesn't look like it. She's put it away again now but I hope she takes me soon

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