Wednesday 16 April 2008

Malvern AGAIN!!

I can't believe the she boss took me again today. This life is so brilliant! No rain today but it was chilly. I had to keep on the move. We had the place to ourselves nearly. I think there's something in the offing. I had a new friend called Paul come round this morning and I think they were talking about a really big walkies. I'm sure I heard something about 35 miles but I must have that wrong. It would explain why we keep walking up all these hills though. I'll need to do some training for that one and be ready for a long sleep afterwards.
I met my little brother there today. He was a nice little chappie and it was nice to see he lives with a good family who look after him. He was exactly the same as me except for a white stripe down his tummy. He's only 2 so really a very little brother. He was a bit quick on his feet or the she boss would have taken a picture of both of us to show you

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