Sunday 6 April 2008


This week's been really interesting for me. Why can't the he and she boss be at home all the time to pay me all this attention? We've had some really good walks over lots of hills. I've got the feeling this might be building up to something. A couple were quite eventful. Yesterday, I went off to check out some rabbits but got my collar caught in a hedge which was scary as the he and she boss weren't sure where I was I don't think. I managed to wriggle out of my chain and left it hanging on a branch. I hope it wasn't valuable as it's still there somewhere. It turned out the she boss wanted to borrow it that night as well as she was going out and it would have completed her outfit. I don't know where her mother is to let her go out dressed like that!

She had me worried but she's all back to normal now.
We've had little person Sara staying at our house and they said I'd been very good. I basically keep out of the way and if that's been good, I'm not complaining as I get extra fuss when she's gone to bed to say 'thank you'.
We saw these funny animals in a field I've never seen before but they looked abit like furry camels without the humps. They didn't look scary in any way and actually looked quite cuddly. There was something this week in the news about camel beauty contest but I think they should have let these enter as well. They would definitely have won.
We had a strange walk another day. We went out in the car but then left the he boss and the she boss took me to the park again. When I say 'park', it's more like the countryside and I have a real good run. While we were there, who should come by, but the he boss riding that thing with 2 wheels! That really confused me and I tried to keep up with him. I got in a bit of trouble over that and had to go on the lead for a while. I was really quite worried though until we got home and I saw he had got there first.

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