Sunday 1 June 2008

Holiday with Aunty Joy

I've had my holiday! And the weather was good! It met (nearly) all my expectations. Only thing was, I didn't get to run off the lead much because of all those silly white things that run around and kept shouting at me. I got into real trouble on 2 of our 3 days away. I wasn't to know my collar was wearing out when that sheep came right up while we were eating our lunch was I? What's a dog supposed to do except to give chase? Anyway, I got a nice new collar out of it: What do you reckon? Looks OK eh and very comfortable.
The one time I did manage to have a good run, I met a sheep unexpectedly. He ran, so I ran. Oh dear. I was in big trouble. I thought I'd lost the she boss and Aunty Joy but managed to find them again. The she boss was saying something about farmers with guns I was just worried I wouldn't find them again.
We apparently walked about 40 miles over the 3 days! We got very hot some of the time but there were plenty of places to cool off
Aunty Joy does some very silly things. And they tell me to act my age!
I had a lovely surprise on our last day when Leo's he boss joined us. But no Leo - mixed feelings about that. We went for miles and miles
I'm tired now

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