Wednesday 28 May 2008


Today I've been on the worst walk ever with the she boss. I can't believe she took me out in that weather to nowhere very interesting. It started out OKish as we walked through the field at the bottom of the road but from there on in it was pretty miserable. It rained loads for one thing and all of it was by really busy roads with cars and bigger things splashing us. Even the noisy things in the sky were even noisier on this walk. It was alright for the she boss. She was wearing those noisy clothes that keep her dry but I was soaked through to the bone. We walked to this place with loads of cars standing around and found ours there but it seemed a silly place to park it. I'm glad to be home and they've put those warm wall things on again to help me dry out. I'm recognising some signs about holidays but I'm not sure I want to go if it stays like this.

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