Saturday 7 June 2008

More holidays?

There a weird lot where I live. The she boss put the flappy holiday house up in the garden but she didn't go on holiday in it with me. Instead, I went out somewhere new with the he and she boss for a nice walk just as though we were on holiday yesterday. We had a good time. It was very hot and we found some caves to cool off in.

Little person Sara came round today. They all went off to somewhere with animals. I could hear little person talking about exciting and scary animals and they smelt of lots of different ones when they came back. That was all fine except they all had a picnic in the flappy house without me when they came back. It would have been nice to have been included. That Sara hasn't half got a lot to say for herself these days. She mentions my name a lot too. I'm impressed as she gives me my full pedigree title of THE Millie Dog. What a star

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