Friday 27 June 2008

Strange days out

They took me out for the day today. It was OK. We had a good walk at a new place before they went off and left me in the car for a while but I didn't mind that. What I did mind was the next place we stopped at. There were signs everywhere telling he and she bosses that they mustn't let dogs out of their cars because the dogs that lived there would kil!! :s I believed them as well when I saw them. The he and she boss left me in the car and this dog stayed on guard. He was really scary and I'm embarrassed to say, I cried a lot for the bosses to come back. I'm usually happy to curl up and have a sleep in the peace and quiet of an empty car with with something like that standing glaring, I just couldn't relax.

We picked up Jane, an old friend of mine on the way home. I haven't seen her in ages and it was really good to see her again. I heard she was Swazi somewhere with lots of rabbits. We nearly had someone smash into the car on the way home but I'm glad the she boss is a good driver and not an angry person or it could have been nasty.

The good things didn't end with Jane coming. Who should turn up later but Blobbie's he boss. Wow! What excitement. Haven't seen him in a while either and I just don't have words to describe how overwhelmed I felt. I don't know what it is about him but I do love to see him. He stayed for quite a while nattering to all of the others. Sigh

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