Thursday 23 October 2008

2 things

1. Apparently I am now old fashioned and no one will be reading my blog any more. Try telling them that in Halifax! :-) I'm s'posed to tweet now. That sounds very undignified for me, THE MillieDog. Not that I have anything against birds especially tweeting ones. It's the big cackly cawry ones that just need to keep out of my garden

2. Much better news is about Swindon giving up on those yellow boxes make everyone jolt their cars. The she boss usually isn't too bad cos she looks out for them but she did get caught out by one the other day and only saw it late. I'm glad I wasn't travelling in the boot. I'd have really got thrown around. I was sitting on the floor in the front. My favourite place cos I feel safe if anyone does stop quick, I get the occasional bit of attention from anyone driving or sitting in the front and the she boss talks to me if it's just me and her

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