Monday 20 October 2008

Rain & wind

I'm soaked. I can't believe the she boss took me out for a long walk when it was so windy and obvious it was going to rain. It was nice to see Aunty Joy and take her with us but I'm not sure it made up for how wet I got. To top it all, they left me in the car afterwards while they went and got dry and warm. I was freezing! The she boss gave me a good rub down to dry off when we got back which is always nice. I made a little friend on my walk. There was a whole family of labradors. Always nice dogs. One of the little folks tried to come on my walk instead of his. He was rather cute and I was quite happy for him to come but Aunty Joy tried to send him back to his own family and one of his sisters came to fetch him anyway.
Talking of little folks. Little person Sara came to see me yesterday. I haven't seen her in ages and she's not so little now. She says proper words too that make sense to me. She went off with Sammy to Hallelujah. I think she meant church really where I sneaked in with the she boss once when hardly anyone else was there. It would be nice to go again as there was lots of space and some very interesting smells

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