Saturday 11 October 2008


I've had a lovely day with the she boss again today. We had a walk to the shops and I helped he to go round the house with the noisy thing and the bit of cloth. The best bit was all the nice smells she's been making in the kitchen. She's got this new box which she keeps getting out. It makes some noises that I don't like and keep out the way of but it has a lovely smell after a while. That seemed to be on the go a lot.
The best thing though was this other thing she seemed to be mixing up before she put it in the big box in the kitchen that gets very hot. That smelled brilliant before it went in the box and then even better. For a while anyway. Then those REALLY noisy things that drive me to run outside started racketing in the hall and stairs and the house smelled really nasty. There was all this smoke filling up the kitchen and what had been a nice smell was turning very nasty. I heard the she boss saying something about Christmas and cakes. I don't think so. There doesn't look much left of it that these human beans will like although I'm quite happy with what I've had of it so far. The only thing is, I think there was supposed to be a lot of brandy in it somewhere and that bit doesn't taste so good now. In fact the amount that was in there may well have been the reason it ended up rather black instead of brown. I hope she tries again and gives me a bit again

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