Friday 10 October 2008

Home observations

I've made an intelligent observation about my home this week. Without me noticing there's been a turnaround of people's jobs here. The reason it hit me this week was because the he boss has been home with me all week while the she boss has been out fetching money to buy my dinners and toys. Except she comes home smelling of that coffee place that wouldn't let me in sometimes as well. Yesterday he made me? some nice apple cake and did some washing and he's made a nice dinner every day. I've had a good few walks over the field as well.
Then today, it turned round the other way and the he boss went to fetch some money and the she boss and me spent the day together. The thing I like about the she boss keeping me company is that she talks to me lots and takes me to places other than the field. Not that I turn my nose up at any walk unless it's raining. I had to sit in the car for a while first while she went in some house but it was worth it cos then she took me back to Malvern. There were no little people or silly white woolly things so I had a real good run.
They've painted that post on top of the hill so it's nice and bright now. We often see these things on hills as you can see from all the photos I have with them. The she boss says they're important and showed me that they even tell you they're there on those big pieces of paper she takes on walks with her but doesn't let me eat. I don't need a big piece of paper to show me they're there. They're just the right size for me to hide behind when it's windy like today.
It's nice to have all this company. I hope it stays this way and we don't get any more of this going away without me marlarcky

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