Monday 12 January 2009

News stories

I can't help but notice as I watch over the she boss's lap each day that there have been a lot of news stories about animals lately. I must admit I'm a little envious and am wondering what it would take to make me famous. I'd like it to be something really heroic.
Maybe if I rescued the she boss from a cliff ledge on one of our walks. Maybe not. That would probably mean I'd have to trip her up first and I don't think I could bring myself to do that.
How about stopping a run away pram from going in front of big lorry. Mmmm. That sounds a bit risky to my life and that would defeat the object if I wasn't there to see myself on the news page. I also might have trouble getting off the lead
I suppose I could get in the local paper for something gentle but heroic, like catching a little person's balloon just as it was going to fly away. Might burst though.
How about rescuing a cat stuck in a tree. That could work if I could get up there as it probably wouldn't stay up there for long once I got near. Scaring it could cause trouble though and my good intentions be misunderstood.
I think I might have to stick to letting the family know whenever anyone comes too close to our front door for now. One of these days, it might be someone that they really need me to warn them about. If I think of any better ideas, I'll let you know. Unless you've got any for me? Do people in Halifax ever have good ideas?

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