Friday 16 January 2009

More about fame and other things

Today was gooood. I've had 2 days of sitting in on my own. I never mind the first. It gives me time to sit and think a bit about life in between sleeping and listening for the postman. The second day gets a bit boring after a bit but I always know the third day is coming and that's usually good. This third day, me and the she boss went on a really good walk. I'm sure she called the hills we were on (not very big ones by the usual standards - more of an excuse for hills really) Licking Hills but I must have heard wrong. They'd never be that as I get told off for licking so she wouldn't take me anywhere that gave me ideas.
It occurred to me today, thinking a bit more about fame following on from last Monday. There could be an easier way than trying hard to be a hero. Imagine if me and the she boss were out walking and she called me like she does - "Come on theMillieDog" and someone heard and said "Wow! Is that THE MillieDog, the one who writes all those sensitive, insightful, witty things on her blog?!" Nuff said

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