Friday 30 January 2009


The she boss sometimes borrows that Beth's bed to sleep in. I think it's if she's out round the town late or if she feels like getting up REALLY early. Or sometimes when the he boss does. Today she was up when it was still night time and no one else was up so she'd been in that Beth's bed. I like it when she does that cos it's good fun for me. I always follow her upstairs at bedtime to make sure they're all OK up there before I go to my own bed in the kitchen but when she's in that Beth's bed, I go in and pretend I'm going to get in bed with her for a laugh. Of course, I'd never be allowed to but we have a good chuckle together about it before it's really bedtime. It reminds me a bit of when we go together in the flappy house. I hope we can do that again soon.

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