Monday 26 January 2009

Paper days

Today's been one of those days with lots of paper. It was the she boss this time who was getting packages. I like these days cos it means lots of visitors as well. That Beth's been living back here again and Ed came and didn't seem to want to go again either.
By the look of the things the she boss took out of the paper, it looks like it was a paper day for the birds as well as there were a lot of things for them in the parcels. What about me? It would be nice to get something for me inside sometime and not just the paper although I like that too
The down side of it all was the she and he boss disappeared off without me one of the nights. I saw them looking like they were leaving and was worried but, thankfully, they came back again the next day. I did have a nice time chilling with Sammy though while they were gone.

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