Sunday 14 June 2009

Dog holiday

I've just had a holiday of my own without the he and she boss!! How about that then? I've never done that before. It started a couple of days ago when we loaded the car up with some really strange stuff and fancy clothes for the peoples. We went in the car to a really nice place in the country and who should be there but that Beth! We spent all day in a big room with a field outside for me to wander in (although I mostly followed the she boss around to help her) and they all made it look really nice. Doesn't it look great? Something to do with weddings and getting a new name. I did that once, long, long ago when I came to live here. It's so long ago, I can't even remember my old name now
The she boss took me then to see my old friend Claire just like we did a few weeks ago only this time she took all my holiday stuff - food, bed, toys, lead and she left me there! The he and she boss collected me again today but me and Claire have had a fantastic time. We went on some good long walks in some new places, had a ride in her car and I looked after her house for her when she went out for a bit. It was great!
It's nice being back home too but everyone's very quiet. I think they must be tired or something

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