Monday 29 June 2009

Visitors & visits

Today my old friend Jane came to see me. I haven't seen her in a long time. I believe she's been living somewhere very foreign that sounds like Swoozilands and I think there's something about the she and he boss going all the way to see her there. I'm not sure I want to go if it means going in one of those big buses without wheels that go in the sky over our house. I hope I go somewhere I'll like instead like back to Claire's.
Tonight we went in the car a long way to see that Beth & Ed. They were in a house I've never seen them in before. It was really nice and had a garden with a cat in for me to keep my eye on. That Beth and the she boss took me for a bit of an explore round the roads as well. I hope I get to go there again. They said my behaviour was impeccable. Maybe I could stay there when the he and she boss go a long way away. I'd miss my big garden though but I hope no one forgets about me and leaves me on my own.
The she boss was looking at some photos with Jane and found a photo of me that they hadn't noticed. Can you see me? It's from when it was really cold but good fun. Today was really hot and the she boss gave me a bath which was good for cooling off. I'm soft and fluffy again now and smell sweet apparently

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