Friday 17 July 2009

Champion Mouser

What a week! Last week, on one of those days when the she and he boss were both at home, they decided to have a clear out in the garage. We've got lots of shelves with some pretty boring stuff on and the she boss was cleaning and tidying all those up. It took ages but it got interesting when she picked up one of the boxes and two meeces jumped out. I just saw them as they ran past, too quick for me. She took the box in the garden and another mouse ran out under the bushes. I saved that one for later. She had a bit of a poke around and saw lots of baby meeces so took the box down the garden to put the nest by the field. When she went to take the nest out of the box, ANOTHER mouse ran out! That made 4!! and lots of little pink babies. When we went back to look the next day, they'd all gone. I hope their mummy took them somewhere safe and warm.
Anyway, I decided we shouldn't have any more mices sharing the house with me but wasn't sure how to sort it. Today, as luck would have it, the she boss took me to see that Beth in her new house and she's had a cat called Gary move in with her. Can't think why but I managed to have a chat with him and he gave me some tips. When we came home, I had a look around for those meeces and knew one was behind a box. The she boss came to help me and moved the box a bit. Wahey! That little fella ran out and I got it. Thanks Gary. Your advice worked. I left the she boss to make sure he was properly gone. Now I've got my space back to just me and the he and she boss. Perhaps I can be a hero now :-)

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