Wednesday 22 July 2009


Well I've just been away for some sort of holiday with the she boss in the flappy house but it was all a bit pants. I think she took me to either give the meeces a break or Hayley who's been painting our house and doesn't like me would you believe!! I don't think it's just me. I think it's all dogs. Whatever, it was a naff holiday. I don't know what got into the she bosses brain thinking we could go where we went. I suppose anything was worth a try once and it should have been nice by that seventh river but the A5 road was a bit of a racket. It's quieter living a mile from Spag Bol like we do. Apart from the rabbits there was no where very interesting for me to go for walks. And it rained. And winded. And rained. And I got very wet especially when I went for a paddle and it was deeper than I thought. It's not often I swim so it's a good job I hadn't forgotten how to.
The picture is of me watching out for rabbits. If you look carefully, you can see me quivering with excitement, sad dog that I am.

One really interesting thing did happen though. Three people arrived with their flappy houses on little boats out of the river and left the same way the next day. The she boss thought that looked like fun but I hope that isn't what she decides to do next with me.
AND I had a really nice new bone to chew that the she boss packed in my luggage. It's got something tasty inside it that I haven't finished yet but am having a good go. You can see it there in the picture. I was having rest from it as I was getting jaw ache.
And we did call and see the friend Peter on the way home and I cleaned his floor for him. He had some real nice bits he'd left there for me.
Our house all looks sparkly clean now Hayley's nearly done as well and it doesn't look like any more mouses have been around while I've been gone

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