Sunday 19 July 2009

More mousing

The challenge is on. The she boss has put all the things the mouses used to eat on the shelves in boxes that they can't get into now. That means they've got to go somewhere else to find their food. Only trouble is, we didn't think they'd choose the house! I was just settling down for the night, having made sure the he and she boss were safely tucked in when a meecy ran through my kitchen!! I very nearly got him but it was dark and he ran out under the door. The she boss must have heard me and came down to check the mouse hadn't got me and told me I was very clever:-) ~~ (Waggly tail) and then set a little box in the garage which is supposed to catch him for me. It hasn't yet but lets see what tonight brings especially as it's tipping it down with rain and nothing wants to be outside. Certainly not me anyway. Although the he boss went out somewhere on his bike :-s

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