Saturday 31 October 2009

I'm back!

I've had a really good time. Better than the rest of them I think. It seems that the he and she boss weren't too keen on where we slept as there were no comfy places for them to sit. I was OK cos I took my bed with me and there was a nice mat in our room as well. Best of all was the fantastic walks I had ALL the time. Until the flashy noisy things started there as well and I wasn't so keen. We went to the beach lots! Here's some pics of me checking it all out with them.
I love the beach. The smells are so exciting. All the she and he boss see are stones, water, birds. I see chipsseaweedsandwichburgerweepedigreechumchickencurrybirdpoo shedogshedogsicecreamfishpop. In fact, anything you can think of nearly but it all comes at once so I'm very busy there.
I made a new friend but the she boss was too busy laughing at me as she says I sit funny. What an insult. I was sitting very still and communicating.

I'm making up for lost time on the pictures aren't I? One last one. We went to the beach in the dark!! It had all been very quiet and peaceful in the day time but when it got dark, it was noisy and I didn't like to look too closely. It was quiet again when it was light the next day. I wonder if that always happens when it gets dark? I reckon all sorts of things come out to play then and do things we never see. Like sheep having a baabecue together. Or seaweed weedingthe beach. That might be why there aren't any on there

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