Sunday 11 October 2009

Out of town

I went back to that Beth and Ed's today and saw my old friend Gary Cat. I must admit, I'm a bit scared of him really but it was OK. Mutual respect.We behave very well together and I didn't even eat his food this time. The advantage of being a dog is that I get taken out to interesting places for walks although Gary Cat does try and follow that Beth and Ed when they go out places. Very undignified having to be brought back. I know. Sammy had to carry me out of his car yesterday when I wanted to go out with them all. Gary tells me he tried to follow that Beth and Ed to the beer festival. It wouldn't have been much point cos they'd run out of beer anyway!!

Oh and I really don't like slugs. Nasty smelly things that taste bad. I do hear that they like beer though so we do have something in common

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