Sunday 25 October 2009

Paper days

Generally woofing, it's been a fab weekend. I've had lots of visitors who have been very kind and good fun. Some regulars, some I don't see so much. And we seemed to have everyone sleeping here as well. It's been something to do with those times when people get things wrapped up in paper. The paper's pretty good but seeing as I'd already been sick again last night, they wouldn't let me have too much.
The only bad thing was that they all went out today and left me and I know they went to the park cos I heard them talking about hopping races and things like that. The she boss had already gone out when they went or I know I would have gone too. I saw her face and she wasn't happy either that they hadn't taken me. I've made up for it later with a good run round the field before the flashy noisy things start going up in the sky.
It's really dark tonight. Someone stole my evening.

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