Tuesday 27 April 2010

Black dog fears

If I'm honest with myself, I'm not really that brave for a fast, black dog with a good bark. There's quite a few things I'm not too sure about. For starters, I'm never sure what to do when I see someone in my family with one of the other animals around the house on their lap and cuddling them instead of me. I usually go and hide behind someone until the coast is clear as it confuses me. This is the latest little fella that Sammy brought home all wrapped up in delicious paper one day. Shame about what was in side.

Something else I'm not too keen on is Chinese people. I have to say that quietly as I don't want to seem racist but I have heard they think dogs are tasty. And I don't mean to look at either. The he boss knows my feelings about this and keeps turning into a Chinese man!! I don't know how he does it but one minute he's being him sounding like he always does and the next he's talking just like a Chinese. It gives me the willies and I go and hide behind the she boss to get looked after. He's started doing it whenever anyone goes out cos that makes me cry abit. It soon shuts me up cos I don't know which is worse - losing someone out of the house or the he boss turning Chinese.

I am getting better. I used to be scared when the she boss drove us in the car through that big box that makes loud swishy noises and has scary blue things trying to get in the windows. She always gives me a bit of paper now while we're in there and eating that takes my mind off it. And the blue things have never got me yet so perhaps they never will.

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