Saturday 17 April 2010

Peace and quiet

It's suddenly stopped having noisy grey things flying over our house for the last couple of days. There must be no one going on big holidays. And there's no stripy clouds in the sky either. None at all!! In fact no clouds of any kind today that I can see. Maybe it's summer and we've nearly missed spring out.
That she boss really is very kind. Not only does she give me good food and the mice blue food but she gives the birds lots of food too in special bottles. They like it very much. I like it too when they drop some. The squirrel's like it but I soon see them off. It's getting hard to see out of the window though where I jump up to tell them to clear off.
I don't like the big birds and chase them off my garden but I do like all the little brown and blue birds that sing nice. We get some really pretty birds as well that have lots of colours on them just like this:
One day perhaps we'll manage to get a picture of our own ones

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