Wednesday 14 April 2010

Mouse food

Those mice are still there but I think they've decided to live in our garage. I think the she boss must like them there cos she's been putting out some food especially for them. It's bright blue! I wouldn't eat it. All those colourings. I'm hyper enough as I am. They seem to like it anyway as it keeps disappearing. We've decided there's either an army or a whole city of mice living behind all the boxes.
We went back to the same place we had our sort of holiday today but didn't stay to sleep and visited down the road at a very nice lady in her garden. She liked me and I had a nice run about. I had to be careful of the big noisy birds she had though. They had the biggest tails I've ever seen and were very blue but I know they weren't kingfishers. They definitely couldn't sing as nicely as the little blue birds in my garden. It was a funny place and we did lots of exploring.

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