Thursday 8 April 2010


I think I've just had a holiday. I can't be sure cos it was all a bit strange but the he and she boss took me to a place we've been before where there's a good field to run around in. The bad thing is, there were big cows there today but I told them what I thought and they all ran through the gate to the next field. I think I may have a job if I go there again. I'm glad they listened to my common sense and didn't run my way. This is where we stayed:
That wooden house with all the windows in has a big bath in it and the she boss went in there for hours in the dark. I stayed on watch and helped wash her feet cos they were what needed it most especially as we'd been out for walks on nice hills:

The reason I say it wasn't much of a holiday is cos we didn't seem to walk very far at all and I had to be on the lead all the time cos there were lots of sheep around including some sweet little baahy baby ones. The she boss ended up walking slow and funny again and the he boss didn't seem to be up to much either. The night after we'd been on a pretty good walk, he didn't go to sleep at all and spent all the time going in the little room by the bedroom where the deep water bowl is. I usually like a drink in there but wasn't too sure after he'd been in. I think we were supposed to be there longer cos we seemed to leave in a bit of a hurry and the he boss has been asleep ever since we came back. Do you see what I mean about not being sure if it was really a holiday? We did see some very pretty flowers around though.

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