Monday 7 June 2010

Back to the mice

I think it was 'Take your mouse to work' day again today cos that's what the she boss did. She/we got one in a little box again and she took it with her in the car to work. She doesn't seem to have brought it home with her though. They seem to like pumpkin seeds a lot.
It's about time there was another 'Take your MillieDog to work' day again. We haven't had one of those for ages and we've just had 2 for mice. I can't say it's that much fun though. I seem to spend most of the time waiting around in the car but I do get some nice walks out of it though in some new places.
By the way, I've had a very buzzy few days with all my family here to see me. It was lovely and I had lots of attention from Abimaro again and taught her a few of my tricks. It was especially buzzy cos some bees have made their home under our decking. I'll probably catch some of them but they've not been too much trouble yet even though everyone ate their dinner on top of their house yesterday.

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