Sunday 13 June 2010

Millie Lotsa Mates :-)

I had a fab day yesterday. LOADS of people came to my house to see me. Alright, I got put in the car for quite a while first. I agree, I do get a bit over excited. I came in later when all the best food had gone and I showed lots of them my garden and field which they loved.
They'd had a fire in the garden to cook tasty stuff on. That doesn't happen very often but I like it when it does cos there's always leftovers I can find in the black stuff when it's gone cold the next day.
Today's really quiet and that's nice too. I'm not sure what it is the he boss keeps looking at on the moving picture box but there sound like a lot of bees in there. He gets very excited and so did everyone else when they were here last night.

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